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BLAC Bellinger BLAC +42 col. Grey Carbon

BLAC Bellinger BLAC +42 col. Grey Carbon
Valutazione: Nessuna valutazione
Prezzo Base con IVA: 520,00 €
Prezzo di vendita: 461,00 €
Produttore: BLAC Bellinger
Calibro Ponte
55 mm 16 mm

BLAC Bellinger BLAC +42 col. Grey Carbon

Questa montatura è costruita interamente in fibra di carbonio con frontale in PP22. Blac è fatto a mano in Danimarca.  Cerniere e viti in titanio. Design unico.

- additional coolness;

Blac+ is super cool and lightweight carbon fiber eyewear - now with the added extra - a new cutting edge front. Blac+ is a 3D lasered PP22 front - combined with our carbon fiber temples and held together with our own custom made titanium hinges. Blac+ is the ultimate in eyewear, using an SLS technology that creates an extremely lightweight and strong front with a unique raw texture that adds a new layer of coolness to Blac. Blac+ is a series of Blac frames with the unique 3D lasered front - raw, masculine frames - extremely comfortable to wear.
Blac+ the unique qualities of the material ...

The 3D SLS technology was originally made for making durable functional prototypes, which we have used for Blac since the beginning. With the development of a new exclusive polyamide material PP22 we have finally found a material that meets our high requirements - and a unique possibility to make Blac+. Strength, lightness, stiffness, excellent long term behaviour and various finishing possibilities provide endless opportunities for making unique eyewear. Another advantage to 3D SLS is that we can produce very few of the same model giving us the possibility to create unique and daring shapes. In limited editions …
The Blac+ also handmade in DK

The Blac+ process begins with designing and drawing our Blac eyewear in 3D. Then we proceed to SLS. Selective Laser Sintering uses a laser to melt the PP22 powdered material in 3 dimensions. As the laser contacts the powder bed, it raises the material to its sintering temperature repeating the process one thin layer (0,12 mm.) at a time. After the laser process is finished the fronts are peeled from the leftover powder that is reused to make sure that nothing is wasted. Then the frames are tumbled and afterwards they are thoroughly polished by hand in our own production. The coloring is done into the material - and then we assemble it into a raw looking Blac frame - with the additional coolness. All our Blac+ frames are of course 100% handmade in Denmark - as with all our Blac.


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