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Portrait Eyewear 1984 col. 07 CRYSTAL

Portrait Eyewear 1984 col. 07 CRYSTAL
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Prezzo di vendita: 315,00 €
Produttore: Portrait Eyewear
Calibro Ponte Asta
52 mm 18 mm 145 mm

Portrait Eyewear 1984 col. 07 CRYSTAL

Dedicated to George Orwell and his dystopian criticism, 1984 recalls -contradicting the superstate regime’s rules described in his iconic book- the uniqueness in independent thinking and individualism. In a form of revenge against “thoughtcrime”, this fashion eyewear embraces the intellectual choice of living according our own rules, what Orwell would have desired for his main character over the “Big Brother”.

Crystal frame optical glasses.

Crystal acetate + Silver steel temples.

Sanded ice finish.

Clear sample lenses.

Handmade in Italy eyewear




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