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Savile Row The Panto Curl col. gold

Savile Row The Panto Curl col. gold
Valutazione: Nessuna valutazione
Prezzo di vendita: 440,00 €
Produttore: Savile Row
Calibro Ponte Asta
47 mm 20 mm 170 mm

Savile Row The Panto Curl col. gold

Engraved finish & Bowed templs

Frame are crafted from 18K gold and go through over 120 meticulous processes to produce the finished article.

The same shape as the Panto, this frame incorporates a curl temple for those who prefer them, whether it's because you find them more comfortable or you're active and you need frames that will stay on your face when you run.

Hand made in London

Material: Acetate

Color:  gold engraved finish



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